Fast Food FAQs

What is Freaks of Fast Food?

Simply put, it’s a place to look at the wild, weird and wacky people and situations that occur in and around fast food restaurants. Philosophically, it is a place where others can examine a very American way of life and perhaps find a positive way to deal with it, by either visiting fast food restaurants more or less. We’ll you and your stomach decide.

What kind of pictures or videos should I submit to Freaks of Fast Food?

If it relates to fast food or any fast food restaurant, or the funny, shocking, or emotionally inspiring picture takes place in the vicinity of a fast food restaurant…your golden…like french fries.

What kind of information should I submit with my photo or video?

We’d like to know the who, what, where, why and how behind your little post. If you can give us the Name of the fast food restaurant; and the City, State, and Zip where the restaurant is. That would be great…like a double bacon cheeseburger with extra cheese sauce kind of great.

I’ve submitted content to Freaks of Fast Food, but you haven’t added it to the site yet. What gives?

We try to address everyone’s photo delivery in the order they are received and as quickly as possible. Please pull up and your order will be sent out to you shortly. And remember…keep checking back as many times as you can. This helps to speed the process up.

I’ve submitted content but you’ve changed it. What gives?

Well sometimes – like recipes – photos and captions can be perfected. We know what the people want, and we give it to them the way they like it. After all…as a member of Three Ring Blogs…we have served over 20,000,000 people.

What kind of content is off limits?

Any and all content goes under review before it is made live on the site. So don’t worry, send what you want…we’ll take it from there.

I see my picture that I want taken down immediately. How do I request that?

No problem. Simply contact us with your request and make sure to include the direct URL(s) of the offending picture(s). We take people’s privacy seriously and will accommodate your request as soon as we can, whether that means modifying a picture, or deleting it from the site completely.

Hey, I work at a fast food restaurant. Should I do something stupid so I can send it a great picture or video?

Absolutely not. We appreciate you thinking of us, but we do not condone or encourage any kind of business, corporate, or personal misbehavior in or around the workplace. Remember…that job pays you. We don’t. So you’d be backing the wrong horse.  We are looking for real life happening at will with no interference or scripting. No illegal conduct. No reckless behavior.

So, what are you saying. Fast food is bad?

No. We love fast food, but too much of anything is a bad thing. Except bacon. You can never have too much bacon. Or ranch sauce.

Is Freaks of Fast Food free?

Absolutely. Think of it as the ultimate value meal of entertainment. Zero calories and all.

Hey…I’m a Freak for Freaks of Fast Food. Where can I get some gear?

Not to worry, we will be offering merchandise at our Three Ring Blogs storefront in just a few months. So you can pimp some shirts or wipe the barbeque sauce off your mouth with a FoFF hand towel. Awesome. Can’t wait to get your gear? Then email us and we’ll put a fire under it. You never know…we may even send it to you for free.

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