Baby Got Back

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  1. HandleBar Said It says:

    That’s disgusting!

  2. Moop says:

    I wonder if she wears a second bra backwards.

  3. loki says:

    get a bra for your back!

  4. Uninspired Required Name says:

    Good god!! How do people let themselves get like that? I mean, at some point wouldn’t you look in the mirror and say: “Damn I’m getting fat! Think it’s time to start taking daily walks.” or something like that? Geeze…

  5. OMG says:

    I think those are his ass cheeks trying to peek around him and see above the counter. Cuz he certainly doesn’t have any butt to speak of! That’s just plain weird!

  6. broketaxpayer says:

    At least put on a moomoo!

  7. Mike says:

    If you dance w/ her, you’d have something to play with.

  8. missy says:

    That is just not right.

  9. SquirrelsAhoy says:

    Anyone else notice the fetching slippers?

  10. Scott says:

    Edith Massey LIVES!

    Except her big ole titties are on her back THIS time around! LOL

  11. lordofthegadflies says:

    Is she facing toward or away from us?

  12. m says:

    Looks as if she is wearing a bra under her shirt. So you can have two sets of boobs, should be a man´s dream but…..it isn´t. 🙁

  13. energizer says:

    That is one sweet back-rack!

  14. nomnom says:

    when the world is falls apart these people will not make it in the first hour!

  15. Not Me says:

    She keeps those pouches filled with Big Macs.

  16. Jaime says:

    Being able to feed 4 hungry babies at the same time isn’t an affliction, it’s a gift.

  17. Tazmom says:

    @ Not me

    That was my first thought, except I wondered how many Big Macs were in each one. She wears’em proudly though…lol

  18. Jesica says:

    ummmm is it just me or does it appear as if she is wearing a nursing bra backwards under her shirt????

  19. Lady Anne says:

    If she is wearing a bra how on earth did she get it fastened until all that back fat? Did she stand on her head? Bend over and touch her toes? Have somebody else lift up her back boobs so she could hook the front bra? And yes, she should wear two – back and front.

  20. I don't want back boobs says:

    Weird. The rest of her is almost normal sized in comparison to the back boobs. And now I must go and exercise.

  21. blah says:

    I don’t understand the bizarre marriage of biology and physics that created that. WTF.

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