Bikini Brawl In Burger King

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  1. Bob says:

    Monkeys should be kept in the zoo.

  2. steely75 says:

    Wow….some folks doing their best to maintain certain stereotypes!

  3. billy boy says:

    aint that the way they is always got to start trouble hmm wonder why black people say they have a bad wrap

  4. burger king says:

    Thats what you get when black people don’t get they’re way!! Bunch of monkeys.

  5. G$ says:

    Why does this not surprise me….seeing the “atmosphere”

  6. LaDonna says:

    Rude, rude, rude. There is no reason to act like that. If she thought she was waiting too long then she should have asked to get her money back and leave. No reason at all to throw a fit like that worse than some children. Then her friends were applauding her and helping. I feel sorry for her kids I read about this online but this is the first time I saw the video. Nobody should behave like that.

  7. Barack Obama says:

    Ghetto track. A disgrace to my half race.

  8. john wayne says:

    wow typical black female

  9. d1337 says:

    Animals…nothing but animals. These animals belong in a zoo.

  10. Scott says:


  11. loki says:

    yet another SHEBOON chimp out….

  12. dave says:

    I thought only dogs fought over food what a bunch of animals. If i was there and one piece of food hit my kids I would lay all them out. Like chopping trees, Bam splat Bam Splat my gf wouldve handled the HOE

  13. sam says:

    For all of the people who are saying that all black people act this way that is not true, Being a black woman I have never said my voice in public or yelled at a service employee if i didn’t get my way, Just to be clear I’ve seen more white trash in public then i have seen ghetto black people

  14. danng says:

    wow it was a riot there for a minute.

  15. Ayesha says:

    First off, not all black people act like that because I don’t neither does any of the people I chill with. Secondly, this behavior really doesn’t have nothing on how white folks act after football games. Honestly, she is an embarrassment to my race and I hope they locked her ghetto a$$ up.

  16. HandleBar Said It says:

    Bikini clad black ho’ at Burger King
    Doin’ her best to shit and sling
    Actin’ like the usual bitch
    Actin’ like they special and rich
    Lock they ass up befo’ they fling!

  17. hate em says:

    just goes to show you…you can take the hoe out of the jungle…but you can never the jungle out of the hoe.

  18. Invisible_Jester25 says:

    You know, why do people continue to act like this, especially if they’re ethnic? Every time a black person behaves this way in public it’s just enforcing another damn stereotype. It’s like seeing a bunch of hispanic kids napping in a Taco Bell, or a white couple walk in with the man wearing a wife beater and the wife being an over-sized sweaty fat globule. BEHAVE YOURSELF IN PUBLIC AND GET ANGER MANAGEMENT. Behaving like a child over *having to wait for some damn food in a Burger King* is absolutely unacceptable regardless of race – doubly so if you’re not white, because you just KNOW someone is gonna catch it, put it on Youtube, and then some racist assholes are gonna see it and the stereotypes about your race will perpetuate.

    Dear Angry Black Bikini Girl In Video: If you want your race to be respected and you want to be treated fairly and equally, you CANNOT act like a spoiled child. It’s immature when one of us white folk do it, and it’s just as immature when you do it. Cultural differences do NOT justify it and you know it.

  19. d1337 says:

    She really chimped out. I hope when she gets older she can look back and see just how much of a sheboon she was.

  20. Outside Looking In says:

    Burger King was probably doing her a favor- it would have gone straight to her a$$ anyway. And just remember- there is a reasonable chance these morons are tomorrows leaders, or parents, or other role models. Be afraid. be very afraid.

  21. Jim Jones says:

    This looks staged to me. First of all, I highly doubt that a restaurant, even BK would allow someone in the door wearing a bikini. Also, I don’t think she was wearing any shoes so she wouldn’t have made it inside the door. So what if she’s black? What does that have to do with anything? There’s a lot of crazy white people, too!

  22. Bee says:

    Yes there are tons of crazy white people, females included but I haven’t seen any of them do something like this. I have, however, seen my fair share of black females act this way… MUCH MORE OFTEN than black males.

    Attention whore with feelings of entitlement is not a good mixture.

  23. raven9009 says:

    not all black chicks act like this…it hurts my feeling to see black girls acting like this giving us all a bad name. just act like you have some kind of common since please its not that hard, and her friends are no better instead of stopping her and saying “come on girl lets go” they started acting a fool just like her. it funny to me to hear white people stereotype black people when they act just as bad half of the time. lol people just get it together please!!!

  24. john q says:

    typical black girls thats y i dont mess with em

  25. powpow says:

    yep THAT’S A GHETTO BLACK FEMALE FOR YOU…one who thinks she better then anyone else but yet she throwing that IMMATURE fit over a 5 dollar meal.

  26. stupidfemales says:

    wow stupid people these days people like that should be taking out n put down like a animal

  27. :- says:

    It’s 99% of them that give the other 1% a bad name.

  28. Liz says:

    Ive seen whiite folks actin a fool just like this so , the race comments are uncalled for. Im white and IM offeded by them , being my son is biracial.. ALTHOUGH HAD IT BEEN ME WORKIN THERE.. WHAT EVER THE HELL U THREW AT ME .. UD GET IT BACK AT U AND ME BEHIND IT JOB OR NO JOB .. U ARE ABOUT TO DO HARM TO ME.. SELF DEFENSE BITTCHESS.. AND IF I HAD HOT GREASE… PRAY MY AIM WAS OFF.

  29. KittyKitty says:

    This is why black men date white women.

  30. Lucie says:

    typical. loot, pillage and destroy. This was a perfect example of group monkey chimp-out mentality. Congratulations stereotype perpetuated.

  31. krs says:

    just give the bitch a cheese burger!!! lol

  32. Bob says:

    I’m guessing, all you racist folks are forgetting about the crazy white chick that when nuts in the drive-thru. Look a little deeper and you’ll find your kind on here too. Redneck’s that is.

  33. d miller says:

    when she jumped up on the counter I would’ve knocked that bitch flat on her fat a**

  34. Lucie says:

    Just calling a chimp a chimp

  35. hg says:

    effin monkeys. wait why isnt she at popeyes gettin her fried chicken?

  36. Bleh says:

    Wow, thats all I can say. There was no need to hit anyone or act like some luny that came out of the happy farm. She acted like a child, throwing a tantrum,hitting,and throwing things. If someone is going to act like that over some fast food they should just leave.

  37. Cynical Dick says:

    Oh please, I’ve seen PLENTY of rich and poor white trash act the same if not worse. GTFO you racists a-holes.

    With that said… I’ll bet #5 combo right now those folks were on their way or coming back from Black College Weekend in Daytona.

  38. Davesakiller says:

    I would like to ask all the white people here making racist comments about chimps etc. to take a trip over to peopleofwalmart.com. See how most of those people are white? Talk about perpetuating stereotypes! Trashy people are trashy people. Black, White, Hispanic, Arab, Asian doesn’t matter.
    Ignorant comments about ignorant actions make you no better than those you attempt look down on.

  39. P-Meister says:

    Entitlement rears it’s fugly head…

  40. TYPICAL says:

    Ghetto is Ghetto, it does not matter what the race is.

  41. itdontmatter says:

    all i gotta say is rude…the black comments are not ok..i white but have black family…this girl is bitch…but tell me what girl isn’t. but really no reason to act like this and her stupid friends only mad her feel more tough by cheering her on…bitch get the hell over yourself and have some respect..honestly i would have started back at her and put her in her place

  42. Pico Rivera says:

    Trash! A giant piece of trash!

  43. Joe says:

    That is todays young people..these are the people that got good old Barry elected to thw White House…Freaken Animals belong in the jungle..

  44. nicetomeetya says:

    So trashy…

  45. DD says:

    I would have pulled on her foot when she was on the counter. That will teach her to make it to easy to knock her ass out.

  46. Again says:

    Looks like Burgerkingiqua done flipped her weave and shit, yall…

    DA gonna supersize her felony assault charges with a side of vandalism for that shit!

    Why ak civilized when you can nig out and speak yo mu-fuggin’ mind tho, ya feelin’ me?

  47. Lester says:

    It might have been more fun to watch if ANY of the girls had been decent looking.

  48. Angie says:

    Caucasians will schizo out whether they have a pep rally behind them or not. In general, African-Americans only do it in groups, NEVER one on one. If one does it one on one, it’s because they are handling something properly. Her schizoin then everyone behind her throwing crap, gives ALL African-Americans a bad name, and others who want the stereotype to end should vanquish the trash involved in that.

  49. SAVANNAH says:


  50. Mangotea says:

    Seriously, when she was standing on the counter like that I would’ve grabbed her legs from under her and hoped she broke her neck falling off the counter.

    At one point, they should’ve just called the cops and gotten their license plate.

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