Daddy Didn’t Love Me

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  1. MEEEE. says:


  2. Leopard says:

    wooo! jeffree starr!

  3. tessa coles says:

    Since when is Jeffree Star a freak? Hahahaha.

  4. Amanda Lee says:

    Hey! thats jeffree star with the pink hair! 😀 haha he eats at taco bell?? :O

  5. boobookittyfhuck says:

    Jeffree Star…a freak in his own right

  6. Tiffaniee says:

    I HATE Jeffree Star


  7. Jessica says:

    ummm thats jefree Starr. hes a celebrity so thats acceptable i guess. hes not really that strange to me.

  8. lex says:

    That looks alot like Jeffrey Star

  9. Ghoullyman says:

    WTF is that abomination? What is a Jeffree Star? Looks like some confused idiot to me.

  10. Bella says:

    Isn’t that Bobby Trendy on the right??

  11. Azrael says:

    Isn’t that Matthew lush in the back right?

  12. TheMother says:

    So it’s OK to look like an ass if you happen to be famous?

  13. amy says:

    That’s Bobby Trendy on the right. He was Anna Nicole’s stylist or something. He is annoying.

  14. LOL says:

    They’re all smiling because they’re stoked they just did a line of coke off Star’s dick in the bathroom. Dude with the shitty blonde hair went for a numby though.

  15. Jeff says:

    Yes that is bobby trendy on the right, guess anna nicole smith turned him in to a fastfood freak

  16. Mimi says:


  17. come.at.me.bro says:

    Why is transgender ‘gross?’ Idiots

  18. :) says:

    Jeffree Star <3

  19. Drewrattfink says:

    my brother used to dress like jeffary star. and btw its del taco not taco bell.

  20. dave says:

    Pink hair boy very ugry…

  21. dclxvi says:

    I don’t think that’s Jeffree Star – looks like him – but Star has sleeves and that ‘dude’ doesn’t have sleeves.

  22. victoria matta says:

    dude! is that jeffery star?

  23. katez says:

    Thats jeffrey star bitches, say what you want but hes beautiful in his way.

  24. Dr. Chalkwitheringlicktacklefeff says:

    The cold dead eyes of a killer.

  25. AmandaXAttack says:

    JEFFREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

  26. JP3 says:

    IS that Heath Ledger?

  27. Rebecca says:

    A.) I don’t think Jefree Star is trans-gender (If he is I apologize B.) I see nothing wrong with that picture. They are people enjoying Del Taco food.
    C.) Did you mother ever teach you that it’s wrong to pick on people for their outward appearances? If so, shame on you.

  28. Linda says:

    It’s Jeffree Star, Bobby Trendy and Matt Lush in the background..

    who’s the other one?

  29. narissa says:

    jeffree starrrr nd mathewwwww lushhh<3

  30. Briana says:

    Jeffree Star!!!! <333333333333333333

  31. Shandler says:

    Jeffree Star!!!!!!!!! Ahhh!

  32. Kate says:

    OH MY GOSH! JEFFREE STAR!!! hahaha love it!

  33. Eeh Yore says:

    I only recognize Bobby Trendy in this Photo. Guess I am outta the Gay Loop since I don’t know who Matthew Lush or Jeffree Star are.

  34. HolyShit says:

    poor girl has some daddy issues.

  35. Amanda says:


  36. chelsea says:

    I was about to say is that jeffery star?!

  37. Lauren says:

    Why is the pink haired girl hanging out with those boring people? Surely she must have some cool friends!

  38. LaceyAnn says:

    i love jeffree star !!!! XD

  39. Tisha says:

    His father was actually extremely supportive.

  40. kayluhhhh says:

    That’s Jeffree FUCKING Star!

  41. Snowy Tantrum says:

    OMG I love jeffree star!! <3 hes so pretty! 😀

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