Fast Food Holy Grail

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  1. otto says:

    Yummy! My favorite is a triple-triple with raw and grilled onions, fries and a chocolate shake. Who cares what is on the bottom of the cup?

  2. so what says:

    They have printed diff. bible verses on their cups and wrappers since 1948. Whooptie doo! When you are getting your animal style nothing else matters!

  3. sewell1 says:

    in-n-out is owned by a christian family…that is why the john 3:16 is on the bottom of all their cups

  4. lordofthegadflies says:

    As fast-food places go, In-n-Out is actually pretty good.

  5. “God bless Jesus.” – Richard “In” N. Out

  6. Jobe says:

    You have chosen… wisely.

  7. Again says:

    Here we go with the pushy Xtian crap again…

    Would you guys be so gung-ho if it had a verse from the Koran, or teachings of Buddha or Zeus on the bottom? I think you’d throw a shit-fit, that’s what I think you big-mouthed hypocrites would do!

    As an avowed atheist I find this sneaky “god stuff” really distasteful… Not that I’d eat at a greasy burger joint anyways (Vegan – For Life) but still, come on people! If your fairy tale nonsense can’t stand scrutiny in the arena of ideas then maybe you shouldn’t be forcing it on every one else like this..

    There *are* people sensible enough to get over the fairy tales and bedtime stories in this world… We’re called adults.

  8. RandomAndrew says:

    Wow for an athiest you certainly seem like someone who enjoys pushing an agenda.

    You are just as intolorant… clearly.

  9. Where's the Bacon says:

    An “avowed atheist” and a vegan??? Wow. Just wow…

  10. Dan A says:

    Again continues to prove that he is a fool, thats ok someday he will meet the God of the universe he is mocking.

  11. Agnostic says:

    Wow, overreact much?

    I’m sure most Christians either wouldn’t care if a fastfood place had small Koran/Buddhist/whatever quotes printed on the bottom of their wrappers/cups since they’re there to buy food and not to convert, or they just would choose a different place to purchase food from.

    I find it funny that you are doing the same thing you claim to hate (throwing a “shit fit” over people having different beliefs). 🙂

  12. Derek says:

    That is so cool, a truly Christian fast food store! Do they think that helps them in some way? I don’t know maybe it does. Think of their burgers as the body of Christ, ok

  13. The_Dude says:

    I have always enjoyed In-N-Out…and yes, I have always known about the verses…

    As a “Pushy” Christian, I have to ask, man…why, if it’s not true, does it irk you so much? Why not ignore us, if we’re believing in a “fairy tale”?

    Why do you, and all others like you, have to try to destroy the faith of someone? What if that faith is all that person you are belittling has? What if that is what is making them a better person, more inclined to become a productive member of society, which is what you atheist are going for, is it not?

    Who cares what we Christians believe…if it’s not true, go believe that it’s not true..quietly, because rest assured, I believe that it’s true…and guess what…when I ask you about Jesus, and you say no, I say, “Very well, have a nice day.” WOW….real pushy…good luck with your hate filled rants on web sites…

  14. Mike says:

    At Arby’s it wouldn’t mean anything biblical. It just means you’ll be in the john in about three minutes, sixteen seconds after eating.

  15. Eric says:

    @ Mike – Funny!!!

    In-N-Out is one of the best places to work for those in high school or just out. The starting pay is around $10 an hour. Not only that, but the food is great! Been eating there off and on for about 30 years. Great place and they rarely get your order wrong. Love it!

  16. Paco says:

    First, WTF is an aetheist vegan doing on a fast food site? Picking fights, I guess.

    Second, aetheists are just like christians in their zealotry.

    Jesus, give me a smart, relaxed agnostic any day.

  17. Luci says:

    Meh, I’m wiccan and I eat at Chic-fil-a ..I guess in and out must be like that..the only thing that bums me out about the religiosity aspect is the owner gives the folks Sunday off..and I’m always craving chicken on Sunday..my cup can say anything it damn well pleases as long as the liquid it contains is tasty..and if it makes someone else feel fuzzy inside..good for them..it’s not like the meal came with a free bible (that’d be okay too though, lots of table legs need leveling..I think a free bible would just do the trick)..Seriously, lots worse things out there than John 3:16..it could be some of that scary stuff in Revelations or some old testament smiting..a message of love with dinner is always appreciated, even if not from my deity of choice..the Goddess so loved the world that she gave us her only begotten moon, so that who so ever beleiveth in her shall not stumble on stuff in the dark, except on the new moon, and so we have tides..A-men… 😉

  18. Joe says:

    OMG!!its the Holy Grail! No one said jesus didnt eat at in n out!!haha

  19. mcradloff says:

    I read about this restuarant in the book Fast Food Nation. They are the best fast food establishment because they treat their workers with dignity, something you won’t find at most fast food let alone most businesses.

  20. Vizator says:

    I’m an avowed agnostic and it doesn’t bother me. But then, I don’t have a naked PETA bitch crammed up my tight ass either. Meat bitches! Yeah!

  21. S says:

    In-N-Out is the busiest fast food restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area…and guess what? There are MASSES of atheists who eat there. The restaurant has to stay open until 1am because it does so much business. Lines around the corner most of the time. So people here don’t seem to find a problem with the fact that it is widely known as a Christian establishment or the Bible verse on the cups or anything else God-related. But there is always someone who has a problem who tries to make THEIR problem every one elses problem and *that’s* what’s sad. I can tell you why you’re so angry and bitter…you don’t eat meat. You don’t give your body what it wants so it makes you feel miserable. Go have a double-double. I guarantee you’ll be a happier person.

    Though…I have to wonder what an atheist yells when they’re in serious danger…?

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