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Fast Food Lasagna

9 Comments to Fast Food Lasagna

  1. They must’ve gotten really toasted before eating that crap.

  2. Caribou Lou on May 10th, 2011
  3. wow i can almost hear there arterys clogging while there trying to choke it down.

  4. overkill63 on May 13th, 2011
  5. I believe you meant to say Harveys and not Hardees…
    These guys are Masters of Meat. Check out the rest of their crazy shit on, you won’t be dissapointed :)

  6. Closter on May 13th, 2011
  7. Epic Meal Time rocks, you need to check out their fast food sushi, its great.

  8. Eric on May 15th, 2011
  9. Editors Note: Eric, Epic Meal Time is the shit, and fast food sushi is on this site. It is the first epic meal time, I put on here.

  10. admin on May 15th, 2011
  11. I would like to know hoe much money they spent on the Fast Food Lasagna.

  12. Dayna on June 11th, 2011
  13. Furralez? That’s marvelously good to know.

  14. Voncile on July 3rd, 2011
  15. I think m heart just stoped

  16. Jon on July 4th, 2011
  17. these guys are idiots!

  18. g-nee on December 5th, 2012

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