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Happy Birthday

11 Comments to Happy Birthday

  1. Taking driv thru to the extreme.

  2. Missy on November 10th, 2011
  3. It’s ok, it’s just a pontiac, nothing worth worrying about.

  4. RED on November 10th, 2011
  5. The Golden FALLING Arches :-)

  6. June Cleaver on November 10th, 2011
  7. Happy Birrfday to youuuuuu,
    Happy birrfday to youuuuuu,
    We done screwed yer car up,
    Happy Birrfday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  8. HandleBar Said It on November 10th, 2011
  9. OMG I used to work there! That’s in Gassville, Arkansas when two tornados went through downtown in one night. It was horrible. Half of the houses in town were wiped away and many people died…This is not funny by any means…Two people died at that Mcdonalds trying to get others to safety.

  10. EricC on November 16th, 2011
  11. I dont think that is funny. Considering i live close to there!

  12. Assholes. on November 16th, 2011
  13. I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix and it’s been a great car – 100,000+ miles and not a single problem, so RED can go choke on a dick.

  14. Dalton on November 22nd, 2011
  15. Last thing this guy said when pulling into parking spot. SWEET I never get the first parking spot, this must be my lucky day!

  16. Denver on November 24th, 2011
  17. i got to see this one….Gassville Arkansas after a tornado came thru…

  18. David on November 24th, 2011
  19. Well that would certainly ruin your day

  20. BKS on November 24th, 2011
  21. Would you like a sigh with that?

  22. Dorothy on November 26th, 2011

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