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  1. Moop says:

    His arm looks like it’s made of chocolate soft-serve ice cream.

  2. drm says:

    Give Black Michelin Man his damn sammich already!

  3. lou stools says:

    her forearm has a buttcrack.

  4. nosmo king says:

    looks like she had a bracelet on her wrist. they probably needed the jaws of life to cut it off.

  5. ellah says:

    i have worked at three different mcdonalds and i can tell you right now this is the woman who adds a large diet coke to her order, are pretends shes ordering for herself and other people at work but only gets one drink and pulls over after she gets her order and eats it all in the parking lot

  6. broketaxpayer says:

    Not to worry. Eventually, he/she will get so fat that they won’t be able to leave the house and get into the car for their Sonic fix. I bet you this person is on Social Security Disability too.

  7. Netjnke says:

    I hope that’s shopped!

  8. missy says:


  9. Kendall says:

    Hercules? I don’t think even Hercules could lift that…sick! I hate that there is only one body type accepted in society but this crosses the line between okay and gross.

  10. Suze says:

    ‘I bez wants ah dubba whoppah wuf cheese ens 12 piece chicken tendas wuf ranch, a large frin fri wuf a large diet coke, dat bez all.’

  11. Not Me says:

    OMG! That is disgusting. Spend that money on a diet.

  12. HandleBar Said It says:


  13. Cincydaddy says:

    The last place she needs to be is at a drive thru!!!

  14. Lady Anne says:

    Looks as if he’s been here before. Several times.

  15. rufustfirefly says:

    Just imagine what the legs look like.

  16. Lord Etheod says:

    Her fore arm is bigger than my thigh. WTF!!

  17. vaginaman says:

    Jesus! At least in circumference that arm is bigger than my Dick!

  18. Alex says:


  19. Chere says:

    Is that a fatroll on a FOREARM??!


    Reminds me of the Michelin Man.

  21. chats says:

    why do people assume his problem is fast food related? he could have other health issues like gland problems? not every fat person is that way because of what they eat, grow up and stop judging people without knowing if their problem is health related…sheesh no wonder anorexia is such a problem among the young these days

  22. Freezerburnt says:

    That’s sad, really.

  23. mikus aerelius says:


  24. Mar says:

    Sorry, but when you have fat rolls on your FOREARM, that is not a glandular problem. It’s eating too damn much fast food.

  25. Navybrat443 says:

    Being a larger girl myself I know how it feels to be judged on size….but there is a limit. At some point you need to take responsability for your body. It’s sad. smh

  26. vivian says:

    Meanwhile in America…

  27. Brittany says:

    Personally I don’t know how they fit behind the wheel… I’m very obese at 370 pounds and barely fit behind the wheel in my car and can’t at all fit behind the wheel in my moms car. My arms are nowhere near that fat even though I do have very thick arms. No I don’t have fat rolls on my forearms… So yeah I’m totally confused. And it doesn’t appear this person had their car modified so the seat is much further back in the car than standard.. So Maybe something more is going on such as lymph edema on that arm or that side of the body. I know a guy who was quite normal up top but at his hips and his legs were super large due to lymph edema.

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