Hold The Mayonnaise

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  1. Todd says:

    Bravo boys! Well done next to traffic and during the day.

  2. Magewolf says:


  3. Scott says:

    Does that include 2 buns?

  4. John C says:

    Advertising they are gay?

  5. lordofthegadflies says:

    Does that come with special sauce?

  6. Jim Jones says:

    I hope these immature little fucks get fired! GROW UP!

  7. Christy E says:

    trying to figure out what they anagramed to get to this. ______ Angus Burgers. Whatever it was to start with, this is hilarious. Pure genious. Jim Jones: hate much?

  8. Jim Jones says:

    No Christy, I don’t “hate much”. I’m just tired of seeing pictures like this where these lazy ignorant fucks have altered the restaurant signs. Why aren’t they inside doing their work instead of fucking around? If they would put as much effort into their jobs as they do horsing around, then maybe they could get somewhere in their lives instead of being stuck with a fast food job! I bet you are one of these lazy fucks, aren’t you, Christy? Enjoy your lifetime “Mcjob” then! LOL!

  9. Jerry says:

    Does “Have it your way” apply at this BK?

  10. wille t says:


  11. JimJonesHater says:

    You mad JimJones you so mad.

  12. Jessica says:

    Jim Jones…no proof that they’re employed by that BK. They could just be two guys who changed the sign around.

  13. Jack says:

    Is that the o BK in Elizabeth, NJ? Certainly looks like it.

  14. Gary says:

    Jim Jones must be gay to be so sensitive and pissed off about this.

  15. Ken May says:

    This is just spectacular 🙂

  16. really? says:

    okay. so people are mad at them. and why? they had fun. they must not work there cause there not wearing a uniform. and so what if they are. they made a funny. big whoop. get over it and grow up yourself and have some fun! good job boys for making a good joke! lay off them. and stop being stupid. its a joke. god…

  17. mcradloff says:

    I’ll give em this much, they got balls!

  18. Herp says:

    Jimjones is supermad, his rage mode reached over 9000 !!!1!!!11

    And, that joke is hilarious Bravo to these guys!

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