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No Chicken Planks Here

10 Comments to No Chicken Planks Here

  1. Everybody who planks needs to die.

  2. lorn on July 30th, 2011
  3. goddamn, why can’t you fuckin jackwagons find something to do that doesn’t make you look like a complete fuckin toolbag??

  4. mayor mcturd on July 30th, 2011
  5. I saw this planking in action. This is what this McDonalds gets for being so damn slow with their drive thru. :)

  6. Amanda on August 1st, 2011
  7. Oh yeah Amanda. You guys sure showed them. Dumbass.

  8. UnblinkingGorn on August 6th, 2011
  9. “Planking”??? What the hell? It looks LAME! At least throw some water balloons or do something FUN!

  10. Travis on August 9th, 2011
  11. Planking is stupid, immature and POINTLESS! GAHHHHH!!!!!

  12. Again Hater on August 9th, 2011
  13. ugghhh.. if you’re gonna plank a McDonalds at least dress up like hamburgler or something, make it funny damn..

  14. Chris on September 1st, 2011
  15. God help me, I put aside a whole atfernoon to figure this out.

  16. Datherine on October 10th, 2011
  17. People, if you don’t think its cool change the perspective! think about it from his side !! he probably thought it was fun!! im 11 and i have more sense than all of you! wow

  18. hunter on October 19th, 2011
  19. Fuckin A! You’re a waste of air!! You need to stop breathing immediately and plank the REAL WAY!!

  20. RLeeErmey on October 26th, 2011

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