I’ll Have One Of Everything Please

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  1. Not Me says:

    She’s at the drive-in because she can’t fit through the door. Hey lady, look at your watch. Time to diet.

  2. Jacked says:

    ” do you take food stamps?”

  3. bean says:


  4. Joey BadaBing says:

    Go Speed Racer Go !!!

  5. broketaxpayer says:

    There should be a weight limit at McDonald’s: if you weigh too much, you don’t get McDonald’s.

  6. pct2k says:

    Looks like she’s had one of everything every day of her life! I hope he doctors see this!!!

  7. bubba says:

    And a small diet Coke please.

  8. Joey BadaBing says:

    She’s ordering the “Whopper” from the guy posted above

  9. Mumashik says:

    Any of you who pay taxes – take a good look at where your money’s going – she’s on disability. We’re paying for her fast food.

  10. mtnbike40 says:

    nasty! i threw up my free range organic kobe burger looking at that fat thingie

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