I’ll Take A Hi-C Orange

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  1. john hough says:

    Baby got backk!!

  2. s says:

    sheesh looks like a liferaft is blowing up in there

  3. El Conquistador says:

    Oh Yeahhh! Crasha bamma booma banga! She crashed through the wall to get here!

  4. HandleBar Said It says:

    She got a BIG ass!

  5. scroller says:

    Hey Kool-Aid!!!!

  6. Not Me says:

    ok, I’ll take 9 triple cheeseburgers, 6 large fries, 3 large onion rings, and a DIET COKE!!

  7. Big Petey says:

    WHOA THERE! Big Mamma needs a salad and some water instead of a burger and fries!

  8. truely says:

    how far back did you have to stand to take the picture and did she check her blind spot before turning around?

  9. David Crump says:

    Please God, Make sure you get her order right! If not I sincerely hope your Insurance Is paid up!!!!!

  10. Biff says:

    I can smell the shit wafting from that giant unwipable ass crack right through the internets pipes.

  11. tom says:

    And she thinks that outfit looks good on her. How putrid !

  12. anon says:

    I’m blind now.

  13. Eeh Yore says:

    Orange you glad you don’t work at this Mickey D’s? I know I am! Maybe they should let her take home the 18 Wheeler that delivers Mickey D’s supplies.

  14. Monica W. says:

    See told you the Great Pumpkin was real !!!

  15. Oh, that’s Bertha! She’s one of the BUTT Sisters! She’s getting a supersized orange soda and a big pumpkin pie. Dinner tonight is rumproast…

  16. jason says:

    it’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!

  17. Sputrock says:

    Who’s she on the phone to? Pizza Hut Delivery?

  18. Werner says:

    Who can handle those obese people once they are sick, frail, bedridden?

  19. Johnson says:

    I feel much better knowing she is wearing underwear.

  20. lukas says:

    damn she must need a crane to get them bright ass pants on

  21. Randi says:

    Hey, good to find smoenoe who agrees with me. GMTA.

  22. JD says:

    The only thing missing is “Wide Load” written across her butt.

  23. I don't want back boobs says:

    Totally what the girls that used to make fun of me in high school looked like. I went home crying so many days. True story.

  24. mcradloff says:

    How does she wipe her ass? A rag on a stick?

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