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  1. She Be HATIN IT says:

    Cuz she ain’t got no monies to buy her own so she is looking to see what everyone’s eaten so she can nab any LEFTOVERS!

  2. mike says:

    she’s trying to steal col. sanders’ recipe, obviously.

  3. Again says:

    It’s so sad to see black folks looking so longingly at fried chicken, unable to afford it because it’s not the first or the fifteenth…

    I feel for ya, sistah

  4. Jim Jones says:

    Again, you are not only a complete douchebag who hates everyone, but you are a racist, stereotypical piece of shit as well! I expected as much out of someone like you and I wasn’t disappointed! Asshole.

  5. Again says:

    I just speak truth, Jim… Don’t be such a menstruating bitch homeboy.

    Black folks sold themselves out to “The Man” and became government pets en masse decades ago, don’t get pissy with ME for pointing that FACT out! Cut your PC pandering shit and get with the program…

    Protip – Compare Martin Luther King Jr. to Lil Wayne or T-Pain, then get back to me you fucking asshole.

  6. Jim Jones says:

    Try to cover up the fact that you’re a hater all you want to, Again. It’s not working! Anyone who can read can see what a racist turd you are so just admit it. Not all black folks are bad people like you seem to think. I bet you’re one of those fucking Canadians, aren’t you? Sitting there on your little make believe throne, judging everyone. That is why I despise Canadians and think they should all be nuked!

  7. wille t says:

    like my granny used to say,,,,,simmer down boys or i`ll take a switch to the lot of you

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