No Camo Can Hide This

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  1. John C says:

    So much for me wanting any lunch now!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people of that size dress like that and/or in clothes that they think “fit” them and apparently don’t.

  3. Lady Anne says:

    Camo and black lace? AND neon red hair? AND flip-flops? Dear Heaven!

  4. Ty D says:

    What has been seen can’t be unseen..Thanks..

  5. Otto deFay says:

    Look at it like this. At least she is covered up and wore camo so she is harder to see. And, if you think this is bad, wait a few years when she has squeezed out a litter and has vericose veins the size of your thumb.

  6. missy says:

    A poster child for birth control.

  7. Lyo says:

    Just think…somewhere in the swamps of an African jungle there is a hippo with a smartphone he got from a rich tourist on safari looking at this picture saying to himself “I’d hit that.”

  8. Mike says:

    Good heavens. Thanks for that visual. You’re only forgetting the ugly sores from her not getting off the couch for 4 years. I’m off to get my brain bleached.

  9. JD says:

    “I’ll have 5 Double Bacon Cheeseburgers, 3 large fries, 7 onion rings, and Diet Coke.”

  10. gloia says:

    quiet yall you know fat taste good haters

  11. RedBaronessPigeon says:

    Camouflage heifer- beef to the heels!

  12. Dirk McDoogal says:

    Oh to be able to sink my sausage into that!

  13. energizer says:

    If Eric Cartman had a big sister, this would be her.

  14. Lester says:

    It’d be like f&$^in’ a forklift.

  15. Bince says:

    Let’s call this outfit Phase 1 .

    Phase 2 involves a bunch of shitty tattoos plastered onto those fat rolls.

    Phase 3 involves some idiot impregnating that thing multiple times….her being all “gussied up” from Phases 1 & 2 .

  16. Error says:

    Those of us that like big girls are in heaven right now.. screw what yall think.

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