Nothing Little About This Guy

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  1. Tim says:

    Nothing little about this guy EXCEPT the will power to stay away from pizza

  2. Vomitus Maximus says:

    “Yes ma’am, you heard me right, I want 3 large supreme pies AND a Diet Coke for dine-in.”

  3. just someone :) says:

    any idea where this was taken? this particular location looks familiar.

  4. SmokyJoe says:

    Dear Mother of God, I thought that was me for a minute, I had to study the picture and realize that’s not my Little Caesar’s to be sure… That’s it, I’m going on a diet!

  5. JoBo says:

    nope, it’s my Little Caesar’s. The original caption was “bringin in the big business”

  6. just someone :) says:

    my bad. i probably should have been clearer. which Little Caesar’s is this?

  7. bdg says:

    I want 5 double cheese and pepperoni pizzas and a large diet coke

  8. Kiti says:

    Yeah, i bet there is “something” LITTLE on this guy…..

  9. Billy Bagodoughnuts says:

    Little self-restraint obviously! Where’s his hover-round?

  10. mike says:

    So is Stewie Griffin following this guy around with a tuba?? try and get THAT image out of your mind, I dare ya lol.

  11. nomnom says:

    just buy a gun and end it…uggg gross

  12. SheBeHatinIt says:

    Cashier: “How can I help you, Sir?”

    Fat Man: “I’d like to buy some pizza.”

    Cashier: “How many and what kind?”

    Fat Man: “All of them, and I don’t care what kind!”

    Cashier: “Will that be it?”

    Fat Man: “NO! I’d also like (insert everything else on the menu)!”

  13. SheBeHatinIt says:

    Also, I think he ATE the Little Caesar’s guy (and that was just his first appetizer) 🙂

  14. Again Hater says:


  15. jimbo says:

    Whoever posted this is this in troy cause if so i know that backside

  16. Sputrock says:

    these are the people they should feature in fast food commercials

  17. nivek says:

    I have a friend I went to college with, he was that size. He would eat for breakfast: a small bowl of oatmeal, for lunch: one normal size plate of food, and dinner: one normal plate of food, in between snacks was fruits or vegetables. He was just big and now he walks to work so he gets exercise. Never once in my two years of knowing him did he over eat. Some people or just big.

  18. TWANSITION says:

    Disgusting. Thank you, Mister Baggy Michelin Man, for giving people from Europe more ammunition to call America a land of fat lazy ignorant people.

    -insert witty slogan about America here-

  19. CJ says:

    In a serious note, this guy needs to get away from Little Caesars and find a gym and a personal trainer, stat.

  20. Traumatised.. says:

    ….what goes in must come out.


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