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  1. SniffanyB says:

    Is she trying to dig to China through her nose??!!?? Not sure which is going to cast them into the firey pits of hell, the cell phone usage or their face being captured by camera!!!!

  2. mcradloff says:

    I think they are cheating. Amish people should not be eating our food. Get out in the field and make your own from scratch. I am personally getting sick of all the amish and the blacks, they have been arriving in droves. Now I know what the indians went through, or at least how they must have felt.

  3. blackls says:

    These kind of people are the MOST disgusting people ever. My lunch party of 6 were in Burger King and a whole group of these walked in, the 1st thing the Oldest of them BLOWED HIS NOSE by blocking one nostrel and shooting a big blob ON THE FLOOR!! Then all the women and children sat at tables, and it must have been sick season in where ever they came . A couple of the small children started throwing up onto the tables, so they just got up and went to different tables.
    What a bunch of NASTY ASS PEOPLE THEY ARE. No wonder they live all to themselves.

  4. Tess says:

    They are MENONITE. Look it up. There is a difference.
    Amish dont ever go out in public like this!

  5. Ned Reid says:

    I could be wrong, but it looks like Hester Prynne, in the second photo, is rootin’ for an “appetizer” . . .

  6. Dianne says:

    Uh, big deal. The Amish do occassionally go off the farm to eat.

  7. BOB says:


  8. BOB says:

    MUST BE IN Pa. Union country

  9. cm says:

    nothing wrong with amish eating fast food

  10. Larry says:

    There is nothing better for an after dinner snack than a fresh Boogger !

  11. cmarie says:

    Tess, amish go out in public you twat.
    They’re typically not alowed cell phones though so they are either from a sect thats not strict or theyre mennonite.

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