Shit Goes Down At Subway

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  1. Magewolf says:

    Lmao!! Punk got jacked up

  2. Terra Ryzing says:


  3. Ecltnhny2000 says:

    I like @4:30 he explains he heard the guy was involved in a terrorist act and then i love that the guys ask the cops if its okay if they get refill their pops lol dont care theyre friend got tased, gotta have their mt dew lolol

  4. Lucy Goosey says:

    OMG – I think this is the first video I’v ever seen where a TASER was used appropriately (not on a defenseless old lady or other obvously innocent person.)!

  5. barroom hero says:

    douchebags. The one in the green swings like a pansy, lol

  6. Tigsgal1 says:

    I love it…billy bad ass, screamin for his MAMA!!

  7. Cole says:

    Haha! The guy in the hat made off with his $100. XD

  8. Scott says:

    That taser sure shut his mouth up, huh?

    Only fags take off their shirts to show off their chest. You hearing me, Shituation?

  9. Scott says:

    Impersonating a police officer too? He’s probably one of those drunks from the National Guard who thinks everyone in this country should be kissing his ass because he’s a hero.

    Lock him up for a long time.

  10. Jim Jones says:

    What a douchebag faggot! Thinks he’s a hardass but the cops put him in his place, didn’t they? Tazered his stupid ass and I bet he pissed himself! Not so tough now, is he? Cannot stand assholes like this guy!

  11. Brandon says:

    didn’t look like taser was warranted… he had his hands up as soon as cops arrived. hrm.

  12. kozmo18 says:

    I’ll have a footlong turkey – hold the taser.

  13. kozmo18 says:

    I’ll have a footlong turkey – hold the taser.

  14. jeffm209 says:

    Rule of the Universe # 12(a)(3)

    You take your shirt off, you go to jail
    EVERY time … LOL

    P.S. The tight white tank-top Rule is 12(a)(1)

  15. dclxvi says:

    Yeah, Brandon, his hands DEFINITELY weren’t up – were we watching the same video? Command given was: Get down on the ground NOT Put your hands up. Command was given FIVE times. Non-Compliance = POW! Tazer time.

  16. venusblue says:

    come on, seriously? how many cops to one punk and they taze him right on the spot? they really abuse their powers.

  17. jeffm209 says:

    Funny how people (Brandon) see and hear what they WANT to see and hear… Even when there’s a re-play button. Fascinating!

  18. Mr. Taco says:

    Hilarious! Does the cop get to keep the $100?

    Absolutely 100% justified TASERing. You subdue the suspect into a managable position (and a reported D&D is unpredictable). On second thought, I would have no problem if they would have shot his dumb ass. Clean up the gene pool.

  19. XOXO says:

    Obviously, this did not happen in LA. LAPD would not have arrived in 2mins 30sec of being called. You’d still be on hold with 911.

    I love the hottie bald cop who bust in and says “Get on the ground!” with his taser.

  20. Scott says:

    It’s about to get NU-CU-LERR up in here!

    Mission NOT accomplished.

  21. a dog says:

    i think the cops should get the hundred bucks haha

  22. Kendall says:

    Why was the guy flipping out anyway? Did they run out of the bread he wanted? Sheesh. Good job cops!

  23. Tim D. says:

    Where was the police quick response when in the other video the white girl was getting attacked??

  24. mcky says:

    Judging by the background and the ‘cops’, this happened at the subway in the bottom of the student center at my university. Way to go, guys.

  25. poco says:

    LMFAO! What an idiot! Good on the guys who were trying to calm him down, though. It’s nice to see some responsible people still exist.

  26. diane says:

    I watch this a few times, and there was no reason for the cops to tase him. There wasn’t any ‘orders’ given, except the one a second before he was tasered.

    While he did need to be subdued, I’m pretty sure just a couple of those cops could have done it without a weapon. It’s just another sad example of the misuse of tasers.

  27. jbooze says:

    Wow I’m shocked that his friends didn’t have his back. If that would have been my friend that subway would have looked like a warzone. And that was not a justified tazing. All those cops and they have to be trigger happy. They completely walked all over the constitution in this video.

  28. john says:

    little pussy,looks tougher without his shirt.
    idiot !!

  29. bb says:

    Didn’t do anything to deserved being tasered?! How about being a drunken, violent douchebag and scaring employees and customers minding their own business. Should have tasered him in the face. Dumbass.

  30. Luci says:

    I’m cool with the cops dropping him..”Get down on the ground.” yelled by a burly guy pointing a weapon at me means NOW..now when my drunk ass who had been trying to fight and threatened my OWN FRIENDS..who (hopefully saved my 100 bucks for me for bail money)are just trying to get me outta there…Yeah, I’d expect to get dropped..he deserved it…and he screamed like a girl..lol

  31. skunkman says:

    Wow ZERO warning before they used an electronic torture device. I mean taser.

  32. fat momma says:

    This is a classic example of “Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit!”!!

  33. Zaylin says:

    Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve chereed me up!

  34. Keyaan says:

    Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thakns for he answer.

  35. Amelia says:

    okay, compare this to the micky Ds vid of the transgender lady getting beat up by the two black women. in THIS scenario everyone did everything right. the employee tried to call 911 (a bystander did it for her when her attempt was thwarted) then she got her employees who were her primary responsiblity behind the counter and closed the screen. probably protocol but still very wise. of all the testosterone filled men standing around not ONE, black white green or purple, fought a clearly drunk person. they blocked blows and defended themselves while trying to reason with him and diffuse the situation. the guy with the camera even says repeatedly “let him throw the first punch” knowing full well that you CANNOT claim self defense if you start the fight. everyone kept a cool head and the end result was text book. i really don’t care if or how many times he was or wasn’t warned before he was tazed. when a swarm of guys in uniforms points a tazer at you you should be on the ground before they even tell you. in this situation they had at that precise second a clear shot of the perp w zero civilians in the line of fire and no idea what had happened up to this point or what would happen in the next several minutes. very good job by civilians, employees and cops alike. maybe subway could do a little training vid for mcdonalds

  36. Vexd1 says:

    Little snitch

  37. Tony says:

    these two black guys kept it real for real. Respect!

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