Street Legal

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  1. comet says:

    Maybe they’re just ordering salads?

  2. pct2k says:

    The ultimate in laziness. Individuals such as this simply disgust me because they whine and moan about their health problems, then turn around and pull crap like this. And they expect me to feel sorry for them?!
    Uh-Uh…ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Not Me says:

    A fast food restaurant is the last place these fatties should be. How about removing your lard asses from the scooters and visit the gym.

  4. Joey BadaBing says:

    Go Speed Racer Go !

  5. matt, daytona beach says:

    And a diet coke please……

  6. matt, daytona beach says:


  7. Snoopygirl says:

    Did anyone see the South Park episode about “Rascal Tipping?”

  8. Urban Safari ... says:

    Early in the morning, the herd begins to gather at their feeding grounds.
    Quite now, we don’t want to spook them…

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