Want Curry Fries With That?

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  1. loki says:

    How eFF’n greedy can one corporation be?

  2. Lady Anne says:

    Well, I’m not really sure it’s a REAL McDonald’s location, but as long as they sell hallel burgers, who cares?

  3. MustangGuy says:

    Wonder what the franchise fees are on a food stand in Calcutta? 🙂

  4. jeffm209 says:

    You have it backwards. This is not corporate greed. It is the poor looting and steeling from a corporation. These bastards are infringing on something that is not legally or morally theirs. This is the 99%’s greed.

  5. Herp says:

    Looks more like they have found an old mc donald stand and use it to make a ‘restaurant’

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