What Is On Your Eye?

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  1. TirePatch King says:

    …and what is squirming out of her blouse? SNACKS!!!!!!

  2. Metti says:

    I think this is a Bleach cosplay, she probably came back from an anime convention.

  3. lordofthegadflies says:

    Don’t know what’s up with her eye, but mine are glancing a little lower.

  4. Merv says:

    She’s cosplaying as a Bleach character, I think. O_o

  5. HandleBar Said It says:

    YEAH! Like, what is that around your neck?

  6. AnimeFan says:

    Its a really crappy cosplay of an Arrancar from the anime called Bleach…..ironic since it makes me want eye bleach…..ugh

  7. Luca says:

    she is into cosplay and she is dressed as a character from Bleach.

  8. Viper says:

    To hell with the eye! Move your hand!

  9. Keira Yagami says:

    I believe she is a Cosplayer as an Arrancar from the anime Bleach.

  10. ToTellTheTruth says:

    Are people really looking at her eye?

  11. Look It Up Morons says:

    It’s a girl cosplaying Melony from Bleach. Look it up.

  12. Kitty says:

    She’s dressed as an Espada from Bleach. Cosplay. It’s common. but still… horrid cosplay…

  13. Jim Jones says:

    This looks like an old lady to me for some reason, like in her 40s or older. I certainly don’t want to see any wrinkled, saggy old lady titties so cover those bad boys UP!

  14. dml337ira says:

    I don’t care how old she is. It’s hard to find chicks into anime and cosplay. Now if I could just get her telephone number…

  15. Cara says:

    It’s grim jaw from bleach you guys!…a female one without binding at that. Cosplayers all walk over to fast food and restaurant places during a Con

  16. Roxy says:

    You can’t actually tell me that’s what men find sexy… (Not the costume but the woman’s figure. Didn’t anyone notice her flabby gut?)

  17. Millie says:

    Hey, even Hollows like McDonald’s.

  18. Maureen says:

    Actually, it’s Menoly =) Yes but she’s still from Bleach.

  19. omg says:

    fail bleach cosplay! i want to “bleach” my eyes!

  20. Eeh Yore says:

    It’s Lady Gaggin’ On It doing a Bleach Cosplay for Captain D’s.

  21. fruitloop says:

    she is an arrancar from bleach

  22. Serenity says:

    She’s cosplaying a Bleach character. |:

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