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Who Steals A Menu?

14 Comments to Who Steals A Menu?

  1. who steals a menu?
    the great american ape of course. who else?

  2. adolf on April 29th, 2011
  3. Hey, somethin like this happened in yelm washington. I have no idea why people steal these things.

  4. tom mcmullen on April 29th, 2011
  5. lol! Who steals a menu? Honestly! You fight like a…desperate hungry person!

  6. Kendall on April 29th, 2011
  7. Who steals a menu?

    Someone trying to save his community from kangaroo meat induced diarrhea, that’s who!

  8. Viper on April 30th, 2011
  9. “Someone trying to save his community from kangaroo meat induced diarrhea, that’s who!”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing . . . how else are they gonna recreate the true Mexican dining experience??

  10. Snake Plissken on April 30th, 2011
  11. OK so let’s Start a new URBAN MYTH the meat is really from armadillos a real gourmet Mexican meat and all who eat will get leprosy and we will end up with the NIGHT OF THE LIVING LEPROSY

  12. RONTHEWOLFMAN on May 1st, 2011
  13. the person that stole the menu was probably the same person that wrote menu got stolen instead of menu was stolen.

  14. mommy2princesses on May 2nd, 2011
  15. I posted this and this is in huntington wv so go figure…

  16. josh on May 2nd, 2011
  17. I bet there was lots of Beer involved….

  18. Gman on May 19th, 2011
  19. I am more interested in the bad grammar on the paper.

  20. Kevin on May 24th, 2011
  21. Ahahahaha I live in Huntington WV and I seen this pic and automatically knew it was here for the fact it said menu got stolen not was sooo hilarious there was a taco bell sign thief running lose through the mean streets of h town.

  22. Jeni on August 12th, 2011
  23. Calling all cars, clanlig all cars, we’re ready to make a deal.

  24. Lilly on August 27th, 2011
  25. I blame PETA.

  26. The End of Everything on November 3rd, 2011
  27. if jenni is right, then there is a stoner somewhere with taco-bell-menu-wallpaper.

  28. Doc on November 3rd, 2012

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