Bikini Brawl In Burger King

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  1. Max Power says:

    Seriously, I would have called 911 and had every one of those dumbasses throwing sh!t arrested. That’s total BS! Way to perpetuate a negative stereotype trashy lady. It would have been so cool to see a normal black person put that b!tch in her place!

  2. Georgiababe says:

    What people do if they dont get their Hamburger……

  3. Italian Snausage says:

    jigs always brawling in the fast food outlets.

    goddam nogs…

  4. Italian Snausage says:

    Seriously, have you ever seen white people do shit like this?

  5. Jim says:

    ooh ooh ah ah! Monkeys…..

  6. Kelsow Farlander says:

    I’m not going to make a racist remark. This is just the result of horrible parenting. The majority of todays black youth were raised in single parent households by teenage mothers. Not until the cycle of social stupidity has been abandoned by young black males and females will black society be welcome in mainstream America. (translation) Dees niggas gottsa git dey shee-it ta-gever.

  7. Spike Page says:

    Wow. This kind of shit seems to ALWAYS happen in a Burger King. What’s up with that.

  8. Kendall says:

    What the heck was she so mad about anyway? I couldn’t tell what anyone was saying, other than the cameraman saying it’s going up on YouTube.

  9. Ghoullyman says:

    This happened at the BK in Panama City Beach Fla. She is from Montogmery Ala and has been extradicted (sic) back to PCB for more serious charges of abuse and destruction of property. Glad she is gone from my city.

  10. broketaxpayer says:

    I don’t know why she got so upset waiting for a burger. From the look of her ass, she could have lived off the fat of the land for a week. I hope she don’t have to wait for her meal in jail!

  11. smeier says:

    Seriously…they have cameras in most fast food places now!! Bet she wasn’t so cocky when she got arrested. She was probably cryin and whinin like the little bitch that she obviously is!!

  12. ack says:

    I have never seen a white person act like this. Then again I don’t go to these low life places where people like this hang out. I eat at places that serve actual food.

  13. hellcat says:

    Kelsow Farlander, it appears that your parent(s) might have raised a douchebag.

  14. Caribou Lou says:

    Meanwhile, someone is at the drive-thru getting all angry that no one is taking their order.

  15. Bianca says:

    she would of gotten hot greas in the face if that was me she was tryin to attack!!

  16. Maranda Metz says:

    I could not help but to read the comments on here they are very raciest toward black people. I’m native American there are so many races of people out there doesn’t matter what skin color are race you are we all do crazy things. So stop stop stop your race is no better then there’s.

  17. shanshan says:

    Its not about black or white, all women are CRAZY!!!!!!!!

  18. Jen says:


  19. Humanculi says:

    I don’t think people are stereotyping the ones in this video acting like savages. Those savages are stereotyping THEMSELVES

  20. bang bang says:

    Truly guerrila warfare

  21. Kbnoswag says:

    Just seen a white guy go crazy at subway, with out one racist remark. Why cant you people let racism go. There is bad in every race.

  22. Aubrey says:

    Wow, this makes me embarrassed to be black, and I didn’t even watch the entire video. And we wonder why there are so many stereotypes of us.

  23. Wild-Eyed Southern Boy says:

    Wake UP AMERICA!!! If we don’t put these people bak in their place AMERICA will be ruined!!!! The SOUTH should have won gthe WAR!!!! Then people wouldn’t have to put with this monkey shit, rap music, wannabe pu^&y-assgangsters, or BLACKS trying to get white women!!!!
    Long Live DIXIE!!!!
    AMerica now is the time to take this country back!!!!

  24. tnb says:

    Is this the tailer for the new Planet of the Apes movie?

  25. Artie says:

    Wow! Great thiknnig! JK

  26. tara king says:

    You know, why do people continue to act like this, especially if they’re ethnic? Every time a black person behaves this way in public it’s just enforcing another damn stereotype. It’s like seeing a bunch of Hispanic kids napping in a Taco Bell, or a white couple walk in with the man wearing a wife beater and the wife being an over-sized sweaty fat globule. BEHAVE YOURSELF IN PUBLIC AND GET ANGER MANAGEMENT. Behaving like a child over *having to wait for some damn food in a Burger King* is absolutely unacceptable regardless of race – doubly so if you’re not white, because you just KNOW someone is gonna catch it, put it on You tube, and then some racist assholes are gonna see it and the stereotypes about your race will perpetuate.

    Dear Angry Black Bikini Girl In Video: If you want your race to be respected and you want to be treated fairly and equally, you CANNOT act like a spoiled child. It’s immature when one of us white folk do it, and it’s just as immature when you do it. Cultural differences do NOT justify it and you know it. I agree with invisible on this one. TARA

  27. Barracuda says:

    My word, in what way is this type of behavior remotely acceptable? This woman has NO class, NO decorum, NO manners, and her so-called “friends” are certainly no better than she! Egging her on to destroy private property, helping her to throw things around so that she can “show that bitch” behind the counter – throwing a CHAIR at a counter that is immediately in front of a kitchen full of hot grease and open flames? That’s not just ghetto, that is dangerously psychotic! What an unbelievably amoral, sociopathic, and above all, *stupid* tramp!

    Over the top behavior, property destruction in the tens of thousands if not the hundreds of thousands, and a criminal charge(which, if she didn’t have a record before this incident, she surely does NOW!)! If she has children, she will lose custody.

    Over. A. Friggin’. Cheeseburger. O_o

  28. Caitlyn says:

    Wow…it figures. In today’s society where people are impatient, rude, and violent. Lol, and BTW…it doesn’t matter the race/color, it matters on the person. I wish I didn’t have to grow up in this decade. :/ Dumbasses.

  29. Addison says:

    Has nothing to do with race morons!!! Talking about stereotypes. How bout you gullible idiots stop buying into generalizations and makeup your own opinions. How bout ghettos isn’t anyway to be raised and no one would miss the boonies if the entire south side of any town would be erased.

  30. buffito says:

    this is why MONKEYS belong in ZOO’S.

  31. me here says:

    Racism is never been worse than what I see these days.

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