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“This is a picture of me and my friends in high school  our Junior year (about 10 years ago). Instead of going to prom we did an Anti-Prom – we got dressed up, ate dinner at BK, and then went Mini golfing. Enjoy!”

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  1. Cynical Dick says:

    Wait, your JUNIOR year? Your story would have been better if you had skipped your SENIOR prom.

    But still, awesome pic. Too bad Burger King mascot didn’t exist back then, eh?

  2. Magewolf says:

    Anti-prom..for when you cant get a date for the real one lol

  3. Amanda says:

    Sorry to tell you but its pretty obvious why you had to have an Anti-prom. & its obvious you guys like burger king. No guy would want to hit any of that~

  4. Brad says:

    I really want to ‘like’ your comment!

  5. a guy says:

    Magewolf, I couldnt have said it better. not a one in that group that is promworthy.

  6. loki says:

    who let the dogs out? Losers!!!

  7. pesky says:

    looks like some future librarians and softball coaches.

    the closest these girls ever had to having meat in them, was the hamburgers they ate this night

  8. ookami says:

    So none of you got asked then did you, cuz that is the only reason a girl wouldn’t go to prom.

  9. HandleBar Said It says:

    This means that they could not get human males to escort them.

  10. lordofthegadflies says:

    Fie on you, haters. I never went to my high school’s junior or senior prom, didn’t stay around for parties at graduation, and never played sports. 30 years later I have the best job in the world, am earning north of 100k/yr, and have known the soft touch of women all around the world. “Living well is the best revenge.” These not-distracted-by-frivolity girls are going to be the nose-to-the-grindstone nerdlingers who own the companies that employ your children.

  11. Amanda says:


    I dont understand why your so weird that your name has flies in it. But i went to my highschool proms. all of them. & I have a great job. the job I always wanted. & i marreid my highschool sweatheart. So you were just a LOSER lol

  12. danng says:

    it may sound bad but id tap all but two of those chicks at the same time if there self esteem is pretty bad and they will wear nothing but the hats

  13. EatAtJoes says:

    2nd from the left in the back row was actually pretty hot.

  14. HatersSuck says:

    Be kind guys. 10 years ago lesbians weren’t permitted to bring dates to prom. It was Burger King or Dairy Queen for these ladies!

  15. puma says:

    most of them are probably lesbians now…through facebook I have learned that most of my ex high school female classmates that were homely or chubby are now lesbos…

  16. Erin says:

    You sound just like a shallow blonde airheaded bimbo. Are you sure you’re in the job you like. I guess if pole dancing at a sleazy strip club is your thing. Anyways, you may be attractive now, but sooner or later your looks are going down hill as you age and have kids. And don’t be so quick to judge someone by their looks, maybe you might produce an ugly child who will have to go through the same discrimination you obviously put others through.

  17. Kiltedfrog says:

    Eatatjoes is right, second from the left in back is the hottest one, but all these girls are pretty cool people, though i doubt that counts to internet dicks.

  18. dave says:

    I don’t really get the emphasis on needing a date to go to prom. Most of my classmates went by themselves because no one cared enough (it was also a relatively small graduating class of 200 students). We were just out to have a good time and party with friends. In fact I think everyone had a better time since no one was tied down to anyone.

  19. JB says:

    @Amanda…Really? Lord of the Flies is a book…

  20. unbelievable says:


    When you say no guy would ever wanna hit that your sadly mistaken, clearly you have not heard of *chubby chasers*

    Some men happen to like a woman with meat on her bones, and some happen to like a lot of it, just because you do not find someone appealing doesn’t mean no one will. Beauty comes from within, and from the sounds of it, your one ugly woman/teen/child.

    you may think your all that, you may be gorgeous, but as the saying goes, someone is probably tired of putting up with your BS. Or has been in the past.

    I would rather get a great gift inside then settle for pretty packaging on the outside.

  21. heywood jablomie says:

    A wise man once said that you cant judge a book by its cover. These girls are not what I would call beautiful at first blush, but they deserve the same respect as someone who has the fortune to look like Angelina Jolie or Pam Anderson or whoever. I was a very popular and sought after guy in high school and I could have gone to the Prom with any girl I wanted to, but I stayed home because the prom just seemed like a huge fashion show where everyone was trying to out do everyone else and I couldn’t be bothered. I started dating a girl who was not too far off these young ladies, she turned out to be a friggin bigger pervert than I am, we’ve been married for fifteen years now and have two kids, so go figure!

  22. Sarah says:

    I went to my proms with my gay friend. Only reason he took me is because we lived in a small town and he hadn’t come out to anyone else. If I hadn’t gone with him, I would’ve gone alone. Prom was fun, and you don’t have to have a date/boyfriend to enjoy it. Plus, Junior year is the year you have to do all the work for prom, why not go and enjoy the fruits of your labor?

  23. P-Meister says:

    “This one time, at band camp…”

  24. Amanda says:

    You guys are funny getting mad at me even though many others sadi stuff about these grlsa havig their prom at burger king. & iys funny because im a teacher for the mentally handicapped at a high school. The job i always wanted and im mean? lol

  25. Truth says:

    It looks like these young ladies knew what was important, wanted to celebrate the Jr year, and do it their way. They did. Cool. ps my wife was a cheer leader, second in home coming ballots in class of 800. She hated proms.

  26. wendy says:

    @ Amanda: The attitude you have is what makes you mean.. If you’re as shallow as you sound on here you should NOT be working with the mentally handicapped. That is a position better suited for people who ARE caring, understanding and NOT judgemental. You obviously don’t fit into those categories.. On top of the fact you seem very childish, by your statements.. Maybe you should reconsider your current career for something a little different, one that doesn’t even contact with the elderly, children, or people with mental and/or physical handicaps.

  27. Shelby says:

    Amanda….a teacher? Yeah right…First of all, I’m pretty sure you have to know how to spell basic words, and secondly, you’re an idiot! Lord of the flies is a classic book, you twit! Educate yourself, and please use spellcheck…

  28. Knicky says:

    Where to start- Why would everyone home in on @amanda? Spelling and backstory aside, she didn’t go after the girls in the pic, just @lordofthegadflies, who, by all accounts, is a complete tool. By his tone alone he comes across as a complete jackass. IF what he says about himself is true, which I doubt, he’s a jackass for mentioning his money and whoring around the world, and if he made it up to make a point, he’s still a jackass. I have twenty bucks that says he still lives in his mothers basement, just based on his boasting. As for the girls in the pic- and to however many people here didn’t go to their proms by their own choice, or “choice”, I feel sorry for you. You not only missed/avoided a rite of passage in your life, you failed to seize one of the few once in a lifetime moments we get in our alloted time here on earth. Your timidity is appalling- it is the kind of overpowering trait that generally leads to lives of mediocrity and regret. They did not “make a statement” by having an “anti-prom”, they were hiding from something that made them uncomfortable and were afraid to face, hiding from one of the few tests they couldn’t study for. They could have met it head on and gone to the prom as a group of friends, but they ran and hid at BK. Sums up all you need to know about them, regardless of how nice of people they may be.

  29. hi says:

    everyone enjoys life differently and everyone has a different opinion of what successful means. I don’t think we should be critical of that.

  30. MetroTek says:

    I’d totally bone the one wearing the crown. . .

  31. mike says:

    Everyone was a bit awkward and weird in HS. If you say you weren’t, you’re lying. These women deserve respect.

  32. Al Jay says:

    Chubby chasers, may be, but grease faces, NOT.

  33. Kendall says:

    Uh…just because they went anti-prom doesn’t mean they couldn’t get dates. Many people don’t go to their proms because it’s just another overrated dance. Plus, those dresses and tuxes cost a fortune for a one-night use. Not only that, but prom and school dances in general tend to focus on the strictly popular, and it’s made for them. If you want to celebrate leaving high school, at least do it by having fun, and if that means not forking out hundreds of dollars on a dress to wear for one night and hanging out with the people that really matter to you, so be it.

  34. E Nomine says:

    I’m surprised no one pointed out to the first commenter that the “Burger King”, as a mascot, has been around far longer than 10 years ago.

  35. Me says:

    Is it any wonder why girls hate themselves? Society and people in general have extreme expectations about others, and exhibit extreme judging and self-righteousness when those expectations aren’t reached. Disgusting.

    Amanda and Knicky, I sure hope that your future children are not imperfect or don’t want to go to prom, or do anything else outside your version of ~beautiful~ and ~normal~. I can’t imagine how you would treat them, and I don’t want to imagine that. How sad for you.

  36. Amber says:

    Seriously? I think the idea of an anti prom is ridiculous. Its the “I want to be cool and unique” way of avoiding something that, by the way, isn’t actually aimed at the popular only. I went to my Junior prom alone because I’d just moved to that school from another state and I didn’t know anyone very well. I went to my Senior prom with one of my good guy friends. I feel like the only reason that they wouldn’t go to prom is because they felt socially awkward. I’ve know plenty of smart, funny big girls who were popular because they weren’t afraid to put themselves out there. Don’t be haters and stop trying to justify it.

  37. DJ says:

    Not wanting to go to prom is avoiding a rite of passage? What a bunch of bulls**t. Put down that psych 101 book and come back to earth! Not everyone wants or needs to go to a dance! I went to mine (with a date) and after two songs figured out it was the biggest waste of time and boring as heck. I ditched my date and went to hang out with my FRIENDS, none of whom attended prom! These days kids go to a prom without a date IF they want to go.

  38. beck says:

    2nd to the left in the back, and far right on the back are probably babes now.
    hell they all could be, people can really change when they grow up. anyone seen rudy huxtable lately? effin’ fox.

  39. Monkey Balls says:

    Ugly chicks need cock too…

  40. indygirl says:

    so im guessing none of you guys could get dates…

  41. aaron says:


    totally agree with Amanda, Knicky and indygirl. Remember everyone why we go to websites like this. It’s to laugh at people’s photos. Do any of you who are being righteous on this post really expect to be taken seriously? Many of you sound like you’re making up for inadequacies by being bitter.

    p.s. yes Lord of the Flies is a book. Pretty sure “Lord of the GAD flies” is not.

  42. b-nut says:


    social gadfly – one who upsets the status quo. It’s called a play on words, clearly over your head.

    I vote for lordofthegadflies, Amanda seems like a biotch. These chicks look cool, she obviously posted it on this website because she has a sense of humor. She probably went all Elizabeth Berkeley (Showgirls) and is slammin’ now. The haters should suck it.

  43. Bach says:

    I wasn’t really interested in prom or homecoming. It wasn’t my thing and I was extremely shy as well. I was not and never have been overweight through shear luck and genetics. I had many guys ask me out all the time, but I just didn’t care to go….and all my friends were geeks anyway so I’d rather hang out with them then stuck up preppy bitches that are horrible people. I didn’t want normal friends or fake friends.

  44. A says:

    I went staggette to my senior prom. We had a little cat walk that they presented the couples on, and I went out alone unafriad of what others thought of me. Unfortunatly that was the only fun part, the acctual dance was very boring.

  45. kate says:

    I bet all of these girls are really hot by now

  46. S says:

    I’m surprised that no one made a comment about the girl on the far right…..why is she wearing straws in her ears?…….lol !

  47. Jessica says:

    I went to my junior prom, realized that it was a massive waste of time/money/effort, and did not attend my senior prom. I was working for my own money. When I was saving up for my big move to college, $300+ for one night did not make sense to me. Plus, prom just wasn’t all that fun. I could have easily had much more fun with those people around a bonfire in someone’s back yard.

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