Nice Biceps

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  1. Wafdof says:

    At least she is getting her exercise! Eating takes a lot of energy. I bet she is ordering a salad.

  2. mike says:

    I tell her she has to come in and order, even though she probably weighs as much as a truck and has 4 wheel drive lol.

  3. MajorTrouble says:

    She/he needs to get up off their fat ass and WALK!!! Put down the McDonalds burgers and fries, get some exercise and perhaps they wouldn’t need the damn sccoter to get around on!!

  4. Pops says:

    Hello, MajorTrouble??? This person probably CANNOT walk! Probably can’t even stand up on his/her own! When someone gets that big, they have to have help from a professional in order to do any kind of exercises or to lose weight. Have you ever tried to lose weight? It’s damn hard, even for normal sized people. Just think about how hard it would be for someone this size to lose any weight when they can’t even get up and move around on their own! I agree, this person should not be eating fast food at all! It’s the worst thing in the world and will only pack on more pounds. But expecting someone that big to just be able to jump right up from their chair and start sweating to the oldies is just plain asinine! Get real!

  5. MajorTrouble says:

    Hello Pops. I don’t expect them to jump up at start sweating to the oldies. They have to start somewhere though and that is to stop eating junk food. Perhaps they need some lipo suction as a start to ger rid of the fat and some weight, or as one of my friends did, the lapband system. She has lost over 150 pounds with it in a year and has a much improved life and a lot fewer heath issues. Obviously this person in the picture can walk, or else they would not have been able to get on the scooter in the first place. No matter if it is 10 steps a day to start, they have to do something, or they will be in a pine box very soon. Much to the dismay of those that love them.

  6. Scott says:

    If you think THIS is bad, check out Ellen & Claudia on the Maury Show at YouTube. Claudia rides a scooter like this, screeches around on Maury’s stage, claiming her daughter has only been with 1 man when they’re giving a 6th man a DNA test! And yes, the mother and daughter are about this size, maybe bigger. It’s like Claudia’s only purpose in life is to scoot around calling men “fat pieces of crap” when she has no room to talk. Oh yeah, and she loves listening to Ellen having sex through the walls too! LOL

  7. nomnom says:

    This is poor America…future so fat

  8. Pops says:

    Your friend deserves a lot of credit, MajorTrouble! 150 pounds in a year? That is amazing! Perhaps the fat woman in this photo could benefit from something like that? The only problem is that it’s a costly procedure and if someone has no insurance then it’s not possible. Like you said, if she keeps on going to fast food places and doesn’t even try to change her lifestyle at all, she will soon be seeing the inside of a pine box! Or in her case, the inside of a piano case, like that guy that was in the world record book for being the fattest person on earth! WOW!

  9. missy says:

    Better watch out, California will be banning this next.

  10. rphinks says:

    Obviously this is attempted suicide by Big Mac.

  11. MathU says:


  12. teeko says:

    Time to put weigh scales up at the drive-thru and cash registers. “You must be this heavy or under to order.”

  13. ARandall says:

    this is what’s wrong with america. :-/

  14. Tiny says:

    “I’m Luggin’ it!!!”

  15. Dave Rogers says:

    I think that scooter is bigger than my car.

  16. Bekbob says:

    More like quadceps or octoceps.

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