Oh No, I Sharted!

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  1. Taco says:

    This happens to everyone…..But one should know they shit themselves.

  2. loki says:

    Can I get some extra napkins with that, please?

  3. Jobe says:

    This is what happens to people who take Alli just so they can eat bad food and not gain.

  4. Hashish says:

    special sauce…

  5. Piddy says:

    Hahaha, this was the best thing I ever saw. I was just glad when the dude didn’t catch on to my laughing and photographing his ass. You should have seen the face on the girl who served him when I showed her the pic. Hahahahaha. Thanks Nifty for submitting this pic. XD

  6. Slobber says:

    He probably let out a fart and didn’t know he leaked.

  7. randi says:

    how does a person not know?!?! I guess he is not a sensitive kinda guy…

  8. Invisible_Jester25 says:

    “Sir… sir… sir, I really think you should… attend to that before ordering…”

  9. garage65 says:

    Maybe he shouldn’t be getting food,and more like going home. Like asap.

  10. Mike says:


  11. Eeh Yore says:

    Looks like he was confused being at a Mickey D’s and let out a Double Whooper with cheese in his pants!

  12. Donna says:

    @ TAco, NO NOT everyone does this! I guess you just told on yourself.

    & A person would HAVE to know they did this! Are they much of a skank they at least tie that jacket around their waist???

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