Pajama Party

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  1. lordofthegadflies says:

    What a bum. And I’m not complimenting her rear end.

  2. Tricia says:

    This pic. looks like a MickyDees inside a Walmart, a 2 for 1..very well played site !!!!

  3. MrSkinner says:

    What a bum! I most certainly AM complimenting it!

  4. DaddyBigDawg says:

    Very sexy I want her.

  5. MIKE C says:

    those pants are in her as crack, like i wanna be

  6. MIKE C says:


  7. kevin says:

    Mr. Skinner I am with you a billion percent.

  8. laprns says:

    Those pants will have to be burned once they finally crawl out-this is clearly a biohazard! Anyone who goes out of their home with hair that filthy wearing clothes that look like they stink is white trash.

  9. Fred says:

    I’d ride that ass all night long. And we would both be satisfied.

  10. Nate says:


  11. stockton says:

    most the feales i know do this or even just boxers lol

  12. Kendall says:

    No excuse for being so lazy that you can’t put on pants. Wearing pajama pants in public looks like you’re too lazy to get dressed after rolling out of bed at noon. I wish this fad would die already.

  13. Lily says:

    The students in Leeds here in the UK do this all the time – they wear their pyjamas and Ugg Boots to the supermarket in all weathers….

  14. Scotty says:

    Sweet meat!!

  15. fizz says:

    Disgusting fatass.

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