Pretty In Pink

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  1. Todd says:

    Pass the eye bleach!

  2. Magewolf says:

    Is that a dude or a hairy woman?? Lol

  3. Jobe says:

    I suppose they are just waiting for the PoPo to arrive?

  4. John C says:

    Magewolf, if you can’t tell that it’s a male, get your eyes checked!

  5. HandleBar Said It says:

    Why is there no one attending to his medical needs?
    Yes, I know, who the hell wants to do CPR and mouf to mouf on HIM???

  6. mrwhyte says:

    John C it’s called a joke not to be taken literally.. I know the “lol” is confusing. And I have to agree with HandleBar why isn’t anyone helping that guy? I know he looks like a messed up person but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a person and doesn’t deserve the basic decency for someone to ask him if he’s ok or to call an ambulance. Fucking ignorant arrogant people these days would rather watch someone die infront of them then lift a finger and possibly do something with themselves. The employees should be fired, the 4 pos guys in line should be ashamed of themselves.

  7. dave says:

    I saw this picture months ago on another site with the back story included (can’t remember which site it was right now). I believe that the original story was that the dude was having a hissy fit and acting all around ridiculous over something as stupid as a latte. They just ignored him and let him act it out like a 3 year old.

  8. Jim Jones says:

    What in the heck is going on in this photo? Did he pass out? Is he just posing for the camera? WTF? I agree with Todd, though! I’M BLIND!!!!!

  9. WHOA-NELLIE says:

    This makes me kinda glad that I get my coffee from a coffeemaker in my own kitchen…

  10. Scott says:

    HEEELLLLPPP!!! I can’t find my penis!!!


  11. Jim Jones says:

    Hahaha! Scott, thanks for the good laugh! Your comment struck me as damn funny! LOL!

  12. WOW! says:

    @mrwhyte hmmm Self Righteous much? You have NO Idea of the back story, yet you jump to the conclusion that everyone in the picture is just a bunch of assholes and all the employees should be fired. Nice. Makes me glad I’m an honest person so I don’t have to worry about being judged by a jury of my *peers*… nothing like convicting someone with no evidence.

    Seems to only one that should be ashamed of themselves is you… don’t hurt yourself jumping to conclusions there, remember… we don’t have any health care to cover that.

    While your banging out about folks not having the decency to ask if he’s ok, you yourself don’t bother having the decency to assume anything but the worse about the people standing up in the picture… or was that whole rant just more of that humor you were eluding to?

    What is it the kids say these days? I’m just not feelin’ it.

  13. LMFAO says:

    Hahahaha, dave, I laughed so hard at that.

  14. Anna says:

    That looks like Mr.Pregnant from Youtube!! 🙂 lol!!

  15. wille t says:

    they probly told him how much he was going to have to pay for a damn cup of coffee there

  16. PCS says:

    So this is what Donovan McNabb is doing these days…

  17. madison says:

    this man need to grow up

  18. umi says:

    @wow your an idiot

  19. Heather says:

    Mr.Pregnant!!!! Search him up on you tube he is hillarious!

  20. yo mamma says:

    DADDY!!!!!!!! 😀 ” I found him, again” 😀

  21. Brianna says:

    @umi- You’re*. I think you are the idiot here.

    I do have to wonder what the h*ll this guy is doing laying on the floor of Starbucks…

  22. Shana says:

    Omg! Its Mr. Pregnant! For real. look that up on youtube!=]]

  23. Police says:

    He’s planking wrong.

  24. Lol says:

    That looks like Mr. Pregnant.

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