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  1. ashley says:

    haha fail

  2. HandleBar Said It says:

    Well, either someone photoshopped this and expects us to believe it, or they simply put the sign up in two parts and were not thinking. I tend to believe the photoshop suggestion.

  3. loki says:

    is that a McD’s in afrika??

  4. Lady Anne says:

    I don’t know – considering the low level of education in this country, and the lack of pride in one’s work, I’d say the sign is “for real”, not photoshopped. Even if it was put up by some one who does not speak English as their first language, the site superviser obviously didn’t know – or care – enough to get it fixed.

  5. Plo says:

    They probably just removed the covers to change the light bulbs and put it back the wrong way.

  6. lordofthegadflies says:

    That’s made even more funny by the fact that “McDo” is a slang term for McDonald’s in the Philippines.

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