Sweet Man Skirt

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  1. MajorTrouble says:

    That is not a skirt, it is a Kilt, learn the difference. This man is Scottish and this is part of his heritage.

  2. Janelle Walker says:

    It’s a kilt. Get over it.

  3. George says:

    Well, it’s not a real kilt, it’s a utilikilt. I wouldn’t say it’s part of his heritage.

  4. sjw says:

    material hanging off hips, does not wrap around legs = skirt. call it what you will.

  5. usfbullcpa says:

    You go tell him it is a skirt, and call him Sally.. Dare you.

  6. Spydor01 says:

    @ sjw – a KILT does wrap around around the legs, both at the same time. Kilts have been worn by those men of Scottish / Celtic heritage for centuries. Try studying some history there.

  7. HandleBar Said It says:

    Be a MAN! Wear a kilt!

  8. m says:

    Skirt, kilt…call it what yo want. (BTW, what clan would that be? Anyone knows?)
    Men, don´t be jealous! At least he gets air on his junk while everyone else is sweating through the underpants. I think he looks good and shows a sense of self confidence.

  9. BangkokPat says:

    If there’s nothing under it. It’s a Kilt. If you wear something under it. It’s a skirt.

  10. tim says:

    it’s a Utilakilt, and he’d probably kick your ass.

  11. RedBaronessPigeon says:

    Love it! Real men wear kilts!

  12. Dean says:

    I love how pissy people get when someone calls a kilt a skirt. The majority of people from around the world wore gowns at some point in their social evolution people. Most men carried some sort of bag for their food for the day. Why is it the Scottish get a bye for not outgrowing it.

    In the modern day, the kilt is a manskirt and the bag is a purse. Unless you’re Halloweening as William Wallace, be ready to be busted on about it. Fawk

  13. Darkwing says:

    That’s a Utilikilt. The bane of all Irish and Celtic Festivals, they’re for men who don’t know how to wear the real thing . . .

  14. Ugnaught says:

    I don’t make fun of kilts, because 99% of kilt wearers could kick my butt.

  15. ravenousbob says:

    I’ve Scottish heritage and I wear a kilt sometimes. A kilt is a man’s garment made of about 4 yards of tartan wool fabric. What this man is wearing is called a “utilikilt”. I think they’re incredably tacky, especially the camo ones.

  16. Maikeru says:

    Thats no ordinary kilt. That be the Survivor Utilikilt.

  17. Lester says:

    I love how some guys think it’s only ok to wear a kilt if it’s the kind of kilt THEY wear. Bob. I wear a UtiliKilt on a regular basis, and have never heard anything but compliments. I live in Southern California, so wearing wool would be pretty stupid.

    As for the people who have a problem with the fact that it’s not pants, check your history. “Pants” are actually a rather new development, in a historical time line. Men all over the world, not just Scotland, have been wearing unbifurcated clothing since the beginning of clothing. Plus, how often do you guys wearing pants have women come up and ask if they can reach underneath to see what you’re wearing under them?

  18. Bince says:

    “Utili-kilts” only exist so that anti-social old douchebags can annoy and offend as many people as possible. It’s the visual equivalent to farting loudly in public, and garners about the same reaction from people.

    You can prove this easily by making small-talk with the next old guy you see wearing one of these stupid things. I guarantee the guy will be a grumpy douche to you.

  19. blah says:

    @Bince : How does his kilt offend you? What a dumbass thing to say. The reason these guys are grumpy douches to you, is because you are a fecking moron. Grow up.

  20. Annette says:

    Kilts are sexy! And yes, I WILL call this a kilt, correct or not! 😉 More men should wear them – and just for the record, I’m of the opinion that Utilikilts are sexier than the original, because they blend a ruggedness with tradition in a punky sort of way! And yes, I’m a woman! 😉

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